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Pianos for sale

All pianos fully serviced prior to sale. Stage Rhodes complete with legs, sustain pedals and cross braces. All Rhodes newly retolexed in black unless stated, though I can tolex a piano in any colour available. Dyno style split lids also available on request.

1981 Dyno Stage Rhodes Mark II with Pro Piano preamp and split lid mod. Wooden keys.

1981 Rhodes Suitcase 88 Mark II with wooden keys.

1979 Mark I Stage 73.

1979 Mark I Stage 73. Tolexed in Ivory. Sold.

1981 Rhodes Stage 54.

1971 Rhodes Stage 73. Factory curved key pedestal. Missing case top.

1974 Rhodes Stage 88. Tolex colour to order.

Wurlitzer 140b. Currently being repainted, can choose colour to order.

Hohner Pianet N. I have quite a few of these in stock, selling with restored preamps, remade sticky pads.

Hohner Pianet T. In great condition.